1. The Issue

    Insurance is the assurance! Though this industry sells assurance yet it needs assurance of their own, meaning reliable clients to boost business.

    Our Challenge was the same, to provide them leads which can turn into reliable customers for our client, who is leading Life insurance player in India.

    To provide quality leads along with the objective to decrease ‘out of the location leads’ was the big hurdle

    Also, targeting the people with healthy lifestyle, who can afford the services of our client along with targeting the right geography was a small stretch in our challenge.

  2. Plan of Action

    Conducted the research to find the demographics which are more responsive or who are opulent enough to avail the services of our client.

    Separated them geographical to achieve the targets according to our client’s location requirement.

    We drafted the catchy SMS content to lure the people minds and turn them into prospects

    Gradually we excluded the out of location leads and kept a track of lead generation process to ensure the conversion rate.

  3. We acquired over 10,000 new enquiries for the client and triumphed the client’s trust.

    There was a dramatic increase in appointment ratio of the client after our campaigns

    The conversion rate was more than 4% and therefore the client increased the order for further campaigns.

    We are still serving the client with our excellent services and delivering them quality leads, which is followed by the adequate conversion.