1. The Issue

    Higher the property rates the lesser are the buyers.

    Our esteemed client wanted to generate 100 Quality leads from Bangalore within 7 days.

    Here, the major hurdle was the out of location leads. As Bangalore is not an individual metro circle unlike Mumbai and Delhi, the data base we use includes entire locations in Karnataka and not specifically Bangalore.

    Apart from this we also had to increase enquiries & site visits for our client’s properties in these 7 days.

  2. Plan Of Action

    We at first option did thorough research on the consumer behavior in order to be able to find the Hot Leads for the client’s property.

    The main aim was to target people with high income groups who are capable of buying the property.

    To minimize the out of location leads we focused only on the precise target audience using exclusive only for Bangalore to avoid junk leads.

    SMS Campaigns were used to reach the desired target audience. Our creative content writers made SMS contents that was short, concise and gives all information about the property within 159 characters.

    We ensured authentication and government approvals for the property in order to avoid forgery.

    We also did social media campaigns in order to reach people who prefer buying online.

  3. We successfully achieved the target by providing the desired Quality leads to our clients with the given time frame. The sales were increased and the client’s ROI was justified.

    The site visits for the properties was increased by 43%.