1. The Issue

    Health service is a crucial business. The profit and loss factor revolves around the consumers and consumption. While offering a health service you have to create an image in the minds of your consumers to in order to make them avail the products or services which satisfy their needs.

    Our client, a leading Healthcare Brand dedicated to Nutrition and Health wanted to generate leads for their weight loss plan which requires following a structured diet.

    There are many people who want to get rid of body fats, but the easy it looks the more complicated it is to get the right prospects.

    Major hurdle was that the client wanted to target on a certain geo-location and get more leads only from that location.

  2. Plan of Action

    We at First Option conducted research and analyzed the behavior of consumers who want to shred their weight.

    We found that the gender factor was beneficial to get right audience. It’s assumed that women are more likely to suffer from obesity and problems related to it. Our research showed that men are also equally prone to it due to unhealthy appetite.

    We not just targeted Women but also Men equally in order to get Quality prospects.

    A lot of times it happens that people don’t know what they want until you show them so our creative content writers created SMS content such that it gives consciousness about health issues and created awareness about weight loss among both male and females.

    We used SMS Campaigns, Email Campaigns and Facebook campaigns in order to reach best prospect from that particular location.

  3. We successfully achieved the target by providing the desired Quality leads to our clients with the given time frame. The sales were increased and the client’s ROI was justified.

    Conversion rate in Email campaign was more than 5%

    Quality Lead Generated in campaign was increased by 125%.

    The CTR of the Social Media Campaign was more than 2.5

    Increase in conversion percentage for client by 90%